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Alex Binnie is a tattoo artist and printmaker based in Brighton. After art school, where Alex made installations and did performances, he made music, performing and recording on London’s Industrial music scene. By the mid 80’s he was working as a medical illustrator in three of London’s teaching hospitals; that period continues to inform his work now.
During a few years in Los Angeles in the early 90’s, Alex was lucky to meet and tattoo some figures from the underground art scene, notably Ron Athey who he performed with regularly around the world for several years.
Printmaking became his primary medium outside of tattooing from the early 2000’s. He enjoys the disciplined approach that is in some ways similar to tattooing. Much of the work is an expansion of his tattoo ideas, a place to experiment without the constraints of a client brief. All the work is handmade (no computers), much of it printed on a Columbian printing press made in 1833. Alex enjoys feeling part of a long art tradition stretching back hundreds of years, in the way he feels a part of the tattoo tradition which goes back thousands!
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