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Barbara Keal is a mother, an artist and a felt maker based in Lewes, East Sussex. She is best known for her sculptural felt animal headpieces, which she makes from local sheep and alpaca fleece in natural colours.

These works have been commissioned and exhibited nationally and internationally. This practice grew out of her desire to find a wearable expression of her connection to Malling Hill, a nearby nature reserve. All her early felt works were made using fleece only from the flock that grazed that hill. She also continues a “live art” practice, which most recently resulted in the creation of “coat of hopes” a patchwork coat made, worn and walked by hundreds of people, over 900 km and 9 weeks, from Newhaven on the south coast to COP26 (the UN climate summit) in Glasgow. 

 Image by Alun Callender

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