Small Plant Pot
Small Plant Pot
Small Plant Pot

Small Plant Pot

Silvia K
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By Silvia K.

With perfectly vertical sides and a flat base, the Small Vase/Pot has a generous splash of colour on one side. This is a truly multi-purpose item that awaits your – flowers, pencils, cutlery – you decide.

H 10 cm W 11 cm

Approx 500 ml 400 g

Dishwasher safe but please don't use in the microwave or freezer.

All pieces in her latest range are made by hand in Silvia’s favourite terracotta clay that has been fired to mid temperature to give it a beautiful rich red colour. The iron in the clay finds its way through the grey-blue tin glaze and results in uniquely varying waves of speckles around the edges of the ware. The simple decorative quality of a coloured line is achieved through the use of a palette of complementary colours.

Silvia’s latest range takes inspiration from traditional tin glazed folk pots from her native Slovakia and from sources as diverse as Spanish drug jars to Iraqi dinner plates.