Sycamore Mini Dried Flower Vase #32

Sycamore Mini Dried Flower Vase #32

Ash & Plumb
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By Ash and Plumb

Miniature dried flower vase in Sycamore from Sussex drilled in the centre for dried flowers only. Finished with a natural hard-wax oil

Vases measure between 5 cm and 6 cm tall.

Ash & Plumb was created by design duo Barnaby Ash & Dru Plumb, born out of a desire to honour naturally sustainable materials crafting unique and functional works that breathe life into the living spaces they inhabit.
They specialise in woodturning as the foundation of their craft using locally, reclaimed and sustainably sourced British woods usually from trees fallen in storms, felled due to disease and decay or from responsible coppicing. The consider themselves editors not creators of nature's finest work.