Pigeon Sculpture
Pigeon Sculpture
Pigeon Sculpture
Pigeon Sculpture
Pigeon Sculpture

Pigeon Sculpture

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by Justien van der Winkel

Intricately handmade pigeons using fabric fragments of silk and hand embroidery. Justien elevate the humble pigeon into a work of art, considering the many colours of their feathers and details of their shapes. 

Each bird is distinct, completed with a birch beak and glass eyes.

Each pigeon is w 24 cm x h 20 cm approximately.

Every little bird Justien makes is unique. It starts with designing a pattern for the birds body. During the process of making, she explores fabrics, silk, wool, yarn, wood, metal wire, clay and stitching and she uses the stitching to fine tune the shape of the bird. 


Why birds?

Honestly-I don't know.

I could say:

"Because a bird is an archetype.

Prehistoric man already drew birds in their caves.

Birds represent freedom, they don't have any borders.

They are magical because of their ability to fly!

Birds are fragile and powerful at the same time.

Even small birds have the power to fly all the way to Africa.

And their plumage is haute couture by nature."

But the truth is:

"I just love birds!"