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Columbia Record Player

Columbia Record Player

Sarah Gamble
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by Sarah Gamble.

Columbia Record Player is an original assemblage made of record sleeves, knitting needle, staples and counters.

Size: 44 x 52 cm.
Sold framed in a black frame.

Sarah’s collages utilise elements from her collections. And whilst some pieces refer to memory – family, work and play, her main interest is in mid 20th century technology; typewriters, radios, cameras and record players are her primary sources of inspiration. Her original pieces are assemblages constructed from disused vintage packaging, old board games, records, stationary, plastic tokens and mathematical instruments which are then photographed and produced as digital prints. She is drawn to the worn and torn, the imperfections and irregularities are what appeal to her. As a departure from her design roots she sometimes readdresses notions of form and function to develop abstract collage compositions.