Odd Turquoise and Silver Half Oval Earrings

Odd Turquoise and Silver Half Oval Earrings

Annabet Wyndham
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By Annabet Wyndham.

Asymmetric deep turquoise blue enamel earrings in sterling silver. 

Materials : sterling silver, vitreous enamel

Dimensions (mm) : H 15 x W 20

Annabet came to contemporary jewellery after making small functional pieces in metal, tea strainers and infusers then spoons and eating tools. she now uses the same techniques to shape, texture and perforate her jewellery. Annabet's primary materials are silver and vitreous enamel, she also uses aeroply plywood shaped and painted. When she began to experiment with enamel Annabet used it to add a texture to the visual language. It also gave colour to her work.