Crown Ring
Crown Ring
Crown Ring
Crown Ring

Crown Ring

Rentaro Nishimura
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By Rentaro Nishimura

A self-assembly ring, laser-cut from a single acrylic sheet, inspired by the Queen of Hearts from "Alice in Wonderland".

The off-cuts are used to frame the product, making it easy and safe to send by post, and also acts as a stand for the ring and the message card. Recyclability is at a maximum through the use of recyclable materials and no glue or secondary materials.

The product comes with three different ring sizes attached (16, 17 and 18 mm diameter), a ring to fit all sizes.

Ring: H4.8 x W3 x D3 cms; 

Rentaro Nishimura is a London-based multi-disciplinary designer.
After his initial training as an interior designer in Tokyo, Rentaro moved to London to study Architecture at The AA.His passion for design, construction and form led him to then complete an MA in Product Design.

Rentaro's work draws on principles of origami, repeat modular forms, self-assembly and flat-pack designs. From lights to rings, chairs to wedding dresses, window installations to packaging, Rentaro's aesthetic is minimal
architectural and engineered.

Using the latest digital technology of 3D printers and laser-cutting Rentaro's work bridges the gap between Craft and technology.