Cuore Oscuro

Cuore Oscuro

Anna Watson
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by Anna Watson

Hand cut copper votive decorated in enamel paint and marker pen with found owl charm, hand cast tin tama eye, tin shell and hand cast sterling silver shell. Presented on fluorescent yellow string.

Pendant measures approximately 10.0 cm from top of votive to base of cast tin hand and 6.5 cm at widest point. String approximately 30 inches.

Anna Watson's work is experimental and playful with hidden depths and darkness. She is inspired by materials, colour, religion, foreign travel, found artefacts, film, horror, photography, walks, strange encounters, memories, books, dramas, popular culture and much more. She uses jewellery as an art form through which to express these inspirations.

Her current interest is found in Eastern and South East Asian drama, graphic art/manga, mythology, relics and religion. She participated in a curated exhibition in Beijing China 2020 for which she researched the appearance and use of dvarapala (statues or door guardians placed outside buddhist temples). 

This work is shown at Atelier Beside the Sea as part of Votive. Desires, gratitude, prayers, hope all given form in heartfelt offerings.