Dryad I and Dryad II

Dryad I and Dryad II

Sarah Young
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by Sarah Young 

Dryad I and Dryad II is acrylic on board shown at Atelier Beside the sea as part of a solo exhibition, Tales of the Sea.

dryad is a tree nymph or tree spirit in Greek mythologyDrys signifies "oak" in Greek, and dryads are specifically the nymphs of oak trees, but the term has come to be used for tree nymphs in general. They were normally considered to be very shy creatures except around the goddess Artemis, who was known to be a friend to most nymphs.

The painting is 50 cm x 70 cm and comes framed. 

Sarah is a painter, printmaker, illustrator and maker working with narrative themes often inspired by myth, folk tales, circus and burlesque imagery. As a printmaker she is known for her lino and wood cuts but also works in screen printing, mono print and collograph.