Fairy Tale  Single Gold Slipper in Small Gift Box
Fairy Tale  Single Gold Slipper in Small Gift Box

Fairy Tale Single Gold Slipper in Small Gift Box

Serena Partridge
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by Serena Partridge

Fairy Tale Gold single slipper, old gold and bead centred flowers.

The gift box containing the tiny slippers is 7 x 5 cm. 

All of Serena's works are mixed media but predominantly made from paper and including materials of vintage or antique origin (book covers, end papers, lace trim, cut steel beads, minuscule seed beads and postcards). All stockings are hand stitched with tiny quilting needles. Heels are made up from many layers of thin card that are meticulously cut and stacked, before sanding back. The petite shoes and stockings can be attributed to famous characters from existing fairy tales, or can inspire fanciful new ones.

Serena Partridge is a visual artist based in North Yorkshire.
She creates small-scale accessories and garments inspired by historical costume and storytelling. Her works are presented as museum acquisitions, encased with labels that blur boundaries between fact and fiction. Serena uses a wide range of materials and techniques, but primarily antique leather and silk, which she embroiders and fashions with meticulous hand stitching.

Serena has exhibited nationally and internationally. Recent shows include Portrait of a Lady at Chawton House Library, Hampshire and ‘Charlotte Great and Small’ at the Brontë Parsonage Museum, West Yorkshire.

This work is shown at Atelier Beside the Sea as part of Fairy Tale.