Family Group

Family Group

Sarah V Battle
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by Sarah V Battle

Family Group  Collage and printed stencil, August 2021

Image size 10 x 10cm  Paper size 13.8 x 13.7 cm

Sarah Battle looks for oddities in Staffordshire figures, rather than familiarity. She enjoys the eccentricities of costume and character found in flat-backs, along with their surprising juxtapositions and the fluidity of scale.

She studied Printed Textiles at Camberwell / Central Schools of Art following a Post-Graduate Diploma in Printmaking at Camberwell she went on to study MA Printmaking at the Royal College of Art.

Sarah was a member of First Eleven Design Studio from 1987 to 2019, designing furnishing fabrics and greetings cards for an international clientele, through a variety of mixed media. Her current artworks employ collage, found papers, drawing and printmaking in celebration of domestic collections and household ornamentation.

A selection of Sarah's work is on show as part of Orna-Mantle-Pieces, a Staffordshire Pottery inspired show.