Floral gift bundle
Floral gift bundle
Floral gift bundle
Floral gift bundle
Floral gift bundle
Floral gift bundle

Floral gift bundle

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A floral themed bundle gift to usher in warm weather and spring flowers!

This bundle includes:

1) Hand printed blossom garland by East End Press.

2)Ten Poems about Flowers ('instead of a card') - poem book with customisable bookmark for your message - make sure to include a message at checkout if you'd like us to send direct!

3) Rose Geranium Soap - with a beautiful turkish delight scent and pure Rose Geranium essential oil.

4) All sent direct to your recipient (if you choose) gift wrapped with free p&p.

Don't forget to write a message in the comment box at checkout and we will be sure to add it to the card in our best handwriting to personalise.

Make sure you remember to add the shipping address of the recipient at checkout so it can wing its way to them. Gifts will be sent by standard class Royal Mail for FREE!

About the garland:

Hand printed three metre long paper garland, featuring ten screen printed paper shapes of blossom flowers. The garland is printed on both sides on thick, hand made cotton paper.  The shapes are sewn in a random order along strong cotton thread, with hanging loops either end, meaning you can hang your garland straight away!

  • 3 metres long
  • features ten paper shapes, sewn along strong cotton thread
  • screen printed by hand on both sides
  • hand printed by talented artisans in Jaipur
  • please note, every garland is hand printed so may vary slightly from the photograph, this just adds to the charm!

About the soap:

A must have soap for any lover of floral fragrances. We have been told on many occasions that this smells "Just like Turkish Delight" and we are inclined to agree!

Our Rose Geranium soap is naturally coloured pink with Alkanet root and is topped with real, dried rose petals. A rich mix of oils and butters are combined with pure Rose Geranium essential oil and beeswax to create a bar that looks and smells divine.

About the poem book card:

A bouquet is a welcome and beautiful thing, but the beauty is inevitably short-lived. This delightful mini-anthology, however, is guaranteed never to wither. Roses, fritillaries, daisies, gentians and the humble ragwort are celebrated here by poets ranging from Mimi Khalvati to William Wordsworth.

We experience their colours and scents in vivid language, so each lives on the page with all the intensity of a real flower. Sometimes it seems we can even learn from them; lilacs growing in an urban street know as much about love as we do:

“Lilac, like love, makes no distinction.
It will open for anyone.
Even before love knows that it is love
lilac knows it must blossom.”

from ‘City Lilacs’ by Helen Dunmore

This is one of the lovely mysteries of these poems – that a flower can somehow be like us and shed light on our own hopes and joys.

Poems by John Clare, Beth Davies, Helen Dunmore, John Heath-Stubbs, Seán Hewitt, Mimi Khalvati, DH Lawrence, Anne Ridler, Edward Thomas and William Wordsworth.

Cover illustration by Angie Lewin.