Hej! Scarf
Hej! Scarf

Hej! Scarf

Elmina Fors
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By Elmina Fors.

Hej! Scarf knitted in soft lambswool with the pattern Hej! Hej! is inspired by depictions of persons in traditional woven and embroidered patterns and features repeated friendly faces hidden in a folky, quite traditional knitted pattern.

Elmina's patterns and timeless models are a way of celebrating the richness of Scandinavian folk patterns and their meaning.

The scarf is made in 100% non-muelsing Merino lambswool and knitted on a hand operated knitting machine in Elmina’s studio on Fjäderholmarna and hand finished with folded embroidered edges.

Washing: Hand wash with liquid detergent for wool. Dry flat or free hanging. Iron with steam on wool setting.

Width: 44 cm
Length: 180 cm