Marzanna Scarf
Marzanna Scarf
Marzanna Scarf
Marzanna Scarf

Marzanna Scarf

Caitlin Hinshelwood
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Made by Caitlin Hinshelwood

Hand dyed and screen printed on large vintage habotai silk, hand rolled scarves.

The scarf was printed in a limited edition of 9 with no two colourways printed exactly the same, guaranteeing you a unique piece. 

The print is a celebration of the start of spring; plants and sun returning, and festivities associated with the end of winter - straw decorations and painted eggs.

The name Marzanna relates to a Slavic tradition where a Marzanna effigy made of straw, eggs and fabric is drowned or burned to represent the death of winter. 

Approx. size 90 x 90 cm.

Hand wash cold.

Caitlin Hinshelwood is a London based artist and designer who produces distinctive collections of illustrative, hand-worked, printed textiles. Her products are often produced as carefully crafted limited editions or unique pieces. Her textiles maintain a strong sense of character and an accomplished use of colour. Traditional methods and processes for textile screen-printing and dyeing are central to her work.

Each fabric is hand dyed before being screen-printed using a complex process called colour discharge printing. The technique allows you to work on coloured grounds. After printing the fabrics are steamed to make the colours react and fix them. Each piece then has to be washed several times to further fix the colours. By printing with dyes the colours become part of the fabric and the handle is not effected. Any slight imperfections are part of the nature of these hand printed goods.

Much care is taken over the final finishes from hand-rolled edges to contrasting cushion backs and well chosen zip colours.

All products are handmade in the UK.