Miss Knitapolitan

Miss Knitapolitan

Kate's Cones
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by Kate Jenkins

Neapolitan ice cream, also sometimes called Harlequin ice cream, is a type of ice cream composed of three separate flavours arranged side by side in the same container, usually without any packaging in between.  Miss Knitapolitan is strawberry, vanilla and chocolate, and is knitted a scarf to match.

Framed and signed in a perspex box. 20cm x 22.5cm x 10cm   

Kate Jenkins is a knitting genius and one of the most original and innovative artists in the UK. Famous for her unique crocheted food, Kate takes a nostalgic and humorous look at everyday food and recreates them in wool, wit and sequins. From life size bakeries, fishmongers and bagel bars Kate has created the most instagrammable food meets art experiences on the block.
“While my journey has been varied and exciting, one thing never changes,” she says. “Whatever I create, whether it’s a carton of French fries, a tin of sardines or a box of frogs I always include lots of warmth and a dash of wit. Above all, I want my work to make people smile.”

This work is shown in the Kate's Cones Exhibition at Atelier Beside the Sea.