Sarah Young
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by Sarah Young

Ceramic figure.

14 cm  in length x 19 cm in height.

Sarah Young crosses traditional boundaries of art and craft - she is a painter, illustrator, designer, printmaker, maker in mostly textiles and ceramics, and originator, with Jonathan Tutton of a travelling puppet theatre. There is no elitism in her work - her paintings sell for thousands of pounds but she also creates tea towels to cut, sew and stuff.”

Her work is often narrative drawing on folktale, myth and fairytale, and has been shown in galleries throughout the UK from the Shetland Islands to Yorkshire Sculpture Park to Mousehole in Cornwall.

As an illustrator she has most recently worked on book covers for Stephen Fry’s Mythos series and Pat Barker’s Trojan wars novels.

About Staffordshire Pottery.

‘I’m most drawn to the earliest 1740’s horse riders, Adam and Eve and seated pew figures - simple and mostly white.

But am also interested in how they have appeared in artists work so often over the years. And what are the contemporary equivalents, if any, of these affordable ornaments that reflected the times in which they were made.’

This work is on show as part of Orna-Mantle-Pieces, A Staffordshire Pottery inspired show.