Paws and Claws (and eight hooves)

Paws and Claws (and eight hooves)

Charlotte Farmer
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By Charlotte Farmer

Paws and Claws (and eight hooves) limited edition screen print.

Image size w 38 x h 51 cm approximately.

Charlotte Farmer is a screen printer and illustrator with a love of colour and fine detail. She studied at Saint Martins, gaining a masters in Communication Design, specialising in illustration. She lives and works in the pretty city of Bath with frequent trips to Bristol for screen printing at Spike Print Studio.

Charlotte's favourite things include (not necessarily in this order): drawing, screen printing, super bright colour combinations, making maps, coffee, collecting a variety of brush pens for hand lettering and a very spoilt cat called Margo.

The screen prints she creates often involve collections of things from snowglobes, pottery figures or ice creams to tropical birds and animals. She loves collections because of the way they bring together unexpected combinations of objects and characters.

This work is on show as part of Orna-Mantle-Pieces, A Staffordshire Pottery inspired show.