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Peculiar Bud III

Peculiar Bud III

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by Chiara Bianchi

Ceramic head with dreamlike botanical decoration. 

Chiara Bianchi is an Italian artist living in Brighton. She was born in Milan in the late 60’s, attended art school then an Academy of Professional Make Up, with particular interest in Theatrical and special effect transformations.

Since a young age she has been involved in a wide variety of creative art forms and mediums, from make up and performance art, to design and fashion. She used her own body as an art form, creating unique characters using make up, designing and making her own costumes. Performing in many clubs an theatres around Italy.
Chiara is fascinated with faces and expressions and specially loves to humanise vegetables and fruits. Each piece is hand built and painted, her artist tools are a tiny wooden spatula and a brush.

This work is shown in the Bloom Exhibition at Atelier Beside the Sea