Petit Lady Night Sky

Petit Lady Night Sky

Anouk Pantovola
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by Anouk Pantovola.

Petite Doll Figure

Textile art doll materials: calico, vintage and antique textiles, glass beads, seim gemstones and are hand painted.

Amanita Doll is 20 cm tall approximately.

Pantovola is a doll maker and textile artist creating dolls and sculptures and an otherworldly universe for them to inhabit in which storytelling is the beating heart. She likes collecting old fabrics, antique lace and curios, and uses these materials in her art, adding their own secrets and stories.

Pantovola's work is inspired by the curious world of Childhood, Puppetry Theatre, Folklore & Fairytales, The Victorian Era, Symbolism & Alchemy, Dreams & Nature.

This work is shown at Atelier Beside the Sea in the exhibition, Fairy Tale.