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Bryony Knox
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by Bryony Knox

Silver and gold keum-bu.
Keum-bu is an ancient Korean gilding technique used to apply thin sheets of gold to silver, to make silver-gilt.

Chain length: 46cm

Pendant: H 2cm W 2cm

The artwork of Bryony Knox stems from a love of storytelling, movement and colour, the wonderfully humorous yet slightly macabre motifs of playing cards and circus, the more unusual Punch & Judy which have recently inspired her, along with the mythical beasts of Greek legend and Heraldry.

Relishing in creating intricate, articulated metal objects, Bryony’s artwork entices the observer to reach out and touch them. She accomplishes this skilfully using the varied colour combinations created from working with silver, copper, brass and steel. Bryony achieves her beautifully unusual designs by employing a range of techniques including; repoussing, chasing, fretwork, etching and simple mechanics.
Bryony is based in Scotland.

This work is shown at Atelier Beside the Sea as part of Votive. Desires, gratitude, prayers, hope all given form in heartfelt offerings.