Polar Bear and Wild Flower Field

Polar Bear and Wild Flower Field

Cally Conway
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by Cally Conway

A limited edition hand drawn, hand carved and hand printed linocut. Depicting a Polar Bear in a field of wildflowers, under a starry sky.

The bear sits in a thoughtful or melancholy mood, possibly contemplating the loss of his beautiful frozen landscape.

This print was inspired by an incongruous photograph of a polar bear walking through a field of red heather. The image of this majestic animal bereft of its natural habitat seemed so heartbreaking, it made me wonder how the animal feels when confronted by this. The declining habitat of the polar bear is but one of many natural habitats disappearing....

Printed in prussian blue waterbased ink on Fabriano archival paper.

Image size approx: 18.5 x 17.6 cms
Paper size: 32 x 32 cms. Unframed.

A lover of the natural world, Cally's prints are inspired by nature and folklore. She is based in London, but is constantly drawn to the beauty of nature and its place within the world.
She began producing etchings and collagraphs at art college, and came to linocut printmaking much later.
She really fell in love with the process of linocut; something about the carved line as a way to translate her sketches, and to explore pattern and texture.

This print is shown at Atelier Beside the Sea as part of the Bloom Exhibition.