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Solitary Cave

Solitary Cave

Heike Roesel
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by Heike Roesel.

Etching on acid free fine art printing paper.

Dimensions: 53 x 53 cm. Limited edition of 10.

‘Solitary Cave’ is an etchings inspired by anecdotal stories about Jonathan Parson and his lonely mission to save sailors from shipwreck on a stretch of the South Downs coast line, UK, around 1702. He was appointed Curate of St Michael’s church, Litlington in 1692 and later Parson of East Dean, Sussex. Parson discovered natural caverns in the cliffs at Burling Gap and placed lanterns in them to warn approaching ships of the danger of the cliffs. The lights prevented many ships from shipwreck and also helped stranded sailors to exit the beach. The coastline, the sea, beaches and cliffs are a reoccurring subject in my work. To me, the places where sea and land meet hold an endless fascination.

About the artist: Originally from Rüsselsheim, Germany, Heike Roesel studied Fine Art Printmaking BA (hons) at University of Brighton. She started her printmaking practice doing lithography, but eventually switched to etching which has been her medium of choice since. The process and the materials inspire the way Heike develops her imagery. She starts with a loose idea for an image, clarifying it through drawing. But the real development starts with working on the plate, pushing the initial idea through to a conclusion. The resulting imagery is never a representation of the circumstance or object that inspired it, but an improvisation of her initial idea, becoming ‘a world in it’s own right’. With her imagery she aims to inspire an observer’s own imagination to find their own individual ‘picture’. In 2009 Heike set up Studio B5 with Jo Riddell, Richard Denne, Margaret Betts and Jane Sampson, all fine art printmakers, printing in different mediums. There she developed her own way of using the alternative technique of Acrylic Resist Etching, which is now in use by the studio.

This work is shown at Atelier Beside the Sea as part of the Atelier OPEN 2023 exhibition.