Stoneware White Jug with Raised Dots

Stoneware White Jug with Raised Dots

Elizabeth Renton
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By Elizabeth Renton

Stoneware shiny white jug with raised dots is a unique triangular shape, for use with water, drinks or as a vase.  

Elizabeth Renton is a ceramicist based in London. 
She throws simple forms on the wheel merging traditional and modern techniques each piece is hand formed, decorated using  a range of Sgraffito , incised lines and grooves then glazed and fired in an electric kiln.This is a labour intensive process which concentrates awareness on the fine details hence every piece is unique.

Her work draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources these include industrial and farming architecture and heritage crafts. Yet with the common thread being both minimalist and restrained.

Processes and craftsmanship are important elements these run alongside her work.