Tropical Giraffes

Tropical Giraffes

Unity Coombes
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by Unity Coombes

Gouache painting on cotton paper.

w 20 cm x h 20 cm. Framed 30 x 30 cm. Sold framed. 

Unity Coombes' work is inspired by a love of mid-century art and many years working in museums. She likes to play with representations of ceramics, textiles and other objects, arranging them in amusing ways alongside joyful colours and patterns.

She has spent lots of time looking closely at collections and this provides her with constant inspiration, whether it be from a Staffordshire figure or embroidered Japanese kimono.

Unity's paintings often recount temporary compositions of objects from memory and imagination and where possible, she likes to paint and draw objects from her own home.

This work is on show as part of Orna-Mantle-Pieces, A Staffordshire Pottery inspired show.