Wax Carved & Cast Silver Ring with Scott Millar WAITING LIST AVAILABLE
Wax Carved & Cast Silver Ring with Scott Millar WAITING LIST AVAILABLE
Wax Carved & Cast Silver Ring with Scott Millar WAITING LIST AVAILABLE
Wax Carved & Cast Silver Ring with Scott Millar WAITING LIST AVAILABLE

Wax Carved & Cast Silver Ring with Scott Millar WAITING LIST AVAILABLE

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Course summary:

This course gives you an exciting introduction to the world of wax carving for jewellers. Flexible and accessible, it is a method that offers beginners a way to work without expensive equipment. For the more experienced it can open a world of new forms and structures that are not able to be made other ways.

During the first half of the course you will be taught how to take jeweller’s carving wax and using cutting, filing and heating methods, create a wax carved ring.  Your wax will be cast into sterling silver ready for finishing. The ring can be made to any size you wish depending on whether it is for yourself or as a gift for another.

In the remaining sessions you will learn how to finish your silver casting with a choice of surface finishes and treatments.

You will learn:

  • Various caving and sculpting methods using a block of jeweller’s wax.
  • How the casting process works.
  • To accurately size your ring.
  • How to finish wax carvings for the casting process.
  • Techniques to finish your silver casting.
  • How to calculate the costs involved in casting.

Scott aims for this course to have an experimental approach with encouragement to take risks to develop something that is truly unique. You should bring a few points of visual reference materials to start you on your way.

All wax carving materials for this course are provided. Please allow an additional £15 for your silver casting, although this depends on the final weight of your wax and an estimated cost will be calculated during class.

This course runs with a one week break to allow for the carvings to be sent for casting.

Tutor biography:

Scott Millar is an experienced goldsmith and tutor based in Brighton. His work uses a combination of silver and 18ct yellow gold in with colourful gemstones to create fun, refined, elegant and playful jewellery. Using handmade traditional techniques, Scott's modern approach to mixing colours and materials leads to striking pieces.

Alumni of the world-renowned Royal College of Art, Scott has held senior workshop positions with a number of high-end jewellers making bespoke pieces in gold, platinum and diamonds. He has also served as acting judge for the Goldsmiths Craftsmanship and Design Awards.

Previously holding posts as Head of Teaching with Holts Academy of Jewellery (now the British Academy of Jewellery) and as a lecturer in Fashion Jewellery with London College of Fashion, Scott is the Head of Teaching with us here at Atelier Beside the Sea.

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Refreshments provided:

Refreshments and lunch will be provided during the class.

What to bring with you:

Most materials are provided by Atelier Beside the Sea, although you may wish to collect some visual reference materials and a sketchbook and pencil to make notes and sketch out ideas.

Please refer to the course outline for any additional costs involved.


If you would like to develop your skills in this area this course is perfect to attend time and time again as you will be supported to advance your techniques in each session.

Atelier Beside the Sea also has a range of Jewellery courses.

You may wish to also take a look at Scott's upcoming Gemset Ring or Pendant course.

Specific advanced courses will be added as we develop our range of courses throughout the year. Please check the MAKE section of our website for course details or alternatively sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of this page to receive regular updates.

Booking terms & conditions:

You can view the MAKE booking terms & conditions here.

As we send information to you ahead of your course start date please ensure you provide full contact information when booking, including a contact number and email address.

Contact us:

If you have any questions about this course, please feel free to contact us at make@atelierbrighton.co.uk