Wrong Seat

Wrong Seat

Simon Tozer
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by Simon Tozer.

Screen print on 285gsm Fabriano Rosaspina paper
Paper size 14 x 20 cm
Image size 7 x 17 cm
Framed size 23 x 28 cm. Print raised in the centre of the frame.
Edition of 101

'There is a Velux window in my bathroom just above the bath, l was having a bath once when a pigeon walked onto the Velux and looked down at me. It was a peculiar moment. l just wanted to commemorate that moment with a print. Additionally, I noticed that from beneath, (this pigeon still had all its toes ) it had very attractive feet.'

Simon Tozer is a printmaker based in Bristol. His screen prints are constructed images, built up through the layering of translucent colours and through a combination of hand drawn and digital mark making.
The images are a response to the idea of expansiveness: drifting clouds
that cross the elemental boundary of land and water, and the reorientation of the sense of self that occurs when, on arriving at the ocean we encounter that vastness of space and the hypnotic attraction of the sea.