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Atelier OPEN: Meet the Artist Jay Caskie

Waters Edge 3

by Jay Caskie

Wood engraving on Hosho select paper.
Dimensions: 27 x 27 cm. Limited edition of 100.


Our Atelier OPEN exhibition continues at our contemporary art gallery on Brighton Beach, and we've invited some our exhibiting artists to tell us a bit more about themselves and their work. With 150 exhibitors, we might not get to hear from them all, but we'll do our best!

Today we hear from Jay Caskie, who works from their home studio in the clear coastal light of St. Ives (lucky them!).

I’m a printmaker currently living in St Ives, Cornwall. I grew up in Canada and recently moved back to the UK. I’m inspired by the rugged Canadian landscapes of where I grew up and the Cornish coastline where I live now. 

I studied printmaking at NSCAD university in Halifax which is on the east coast of Canada. The two pieces I have in the exhibition are wood engraving prints. These were made by engraving the image onto end grain Lemonwood blocks, rolling them with ink, then using a burnishing tool to hand print them onto thin Japanese printmaking paper. 

I’m a full time artist now, and have been for the past year. I work mainly from home but hope to rent my own studio space soon. I also spend a lot of time exploring the beaches and countryside here, taking reference photos and sketching the landscapes.

I show my work in various galleries around the UK and sometimes international too. I share a lot of my work on social media as well. This allows me to reach people from all over the world and share the process and inspiration behind the prints. 

If I had to choose a desert island artwork, I think it would be the book ‘Full Circle’ by Hilary Paynter. Is that cheating? I could never pick just one artwork. She’s one of my favourite artists and this book shows all her wood engravings and provides me with endless inspiration. 

You can see more of my work on my website: or on my Instagram page: @caskieprints


Come and visit the Atelier OPEN for yourself. We've extended the closing date, so you can vote for favourite piece in our People's Choice Prize until 17th September.

Atelier Beside the Sea is on Brighton Beach, 165 Kings Road Arches BN1 1NB, and open every day from 11am - 5pm. If you can't make it to the gallery yourself, you can view the whole exhibition online.