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Has my order been shipped out yet?
When your order leaves us you will receive confirmation via e-mail, if your item is of £50 value or over, this will include a tracking number which you can use to track your order.

Will a certain product come back in stock?
Due to the nature of our shop some of the objects are one-offs, once they are sold out exact replicas cannot be purchased again. Saying that, we have no general rule about restocking. Sometimes we receive them again and sometimes we don’t. Stay updated by visiting our Instagram page where we will be posting updates and news of when items are back in stock.

My order is incorrect?!
We do our utmost to make sure mistakes do not happen. However, as we are only human from time to time mistakes can occur. If you have noticed a mistake with your order please get in contact with us so we can put this right for you, stating your order reference and issue.