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Collection: Yuta Segawa

Yuta Segawa is a Japanese ceramic artist specialising in producing miniature pottery. He learned advanced ceramic skills in Japan and China and developed it into a technique for making miniature pots, now in London. All his pots are thrown individually by hand and he use more than five hundred original handmade glazes. Yuta is interested in the relationship between artists’ bodies and their works. It is a challenge to test the limits of what a human body can make on such a small scale.

SGW Lab is a ceramic studio which was founded by artist Yuta Segawa in 2018. The mission of SGW Lab is to think about the significance of craftsmanship in the context of William Morris, to believe in the worth of human labour and to explore and practice the beautiful possibilities created by handicrafts. Currently, there are 6 full-time staff members, including Yuta.

We are delighted to be representing Yuta at our Brighton gallery. His contemporary ceramics have gathered quite a following here at Atelier Beside the Sea, and we regularly sell out of his highly collectable miniature pots. His beautiful tableware is equally popular, with each mug, vase and espresso cup decorated using a unique combination of his bespoke glazes. A master of both form and decoration.

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