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by Cally Conway

'Cereus': A hand drawn and handcarved limited edition linoprint, printed as a limited number of 40. Printed on 280gsm Fabriano Rosaspina paper, in oil based black ink.

This print was created to symbolise the power of the human spirit to overcome the darkest of times. It is a print of hope, and light in the darkness.
Cereus is a genus of cacti which includes the rare night flowering cactus. The night flowering cactus may only flower for one night, but the fact that it flowers at all in the darkness is a symbol of hope. Ferns are the planet's oldest plant forms and have existed and thrived through all that has happened to the planet. The ferns wrap around the hand, (a symbol of humanity), as a protector and comforter.

Comets have long been a fascination in many ancient cultures. They could be viewed as heralding a dramatic event, either positive or negative. In this print they symbolise the good. They bring with them the raining down of stars to shed light on our struggles and bring us hope.


A lover of the natural world, Cally's prints are inspired by nature and folklore. She is based in London, but is constantly drawn to the beauty of nature and its place within the world.
She began producing etchings and collagraphs at art college, and came to linocut printmaking much later.
She really fell in love with the process of linocut; something about the carved line as a way to translate her sketches, and to explore pattern and texture.

This print is shown at Atelier Beside the Sea as part of the Bloom Exhibition.