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Coffee Cup Miami Blue
Coffee Cup Miami Blue

Coffee Cup Miami Blue

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by Aeyglom.

Small but perfect for a coffee at any time of the day, the low-profile cup fits just-so in the hand and the unglazed, polished exterior feels lovely and soft to hold.

Each piece is made from porcelain slip with two layers, natural and coloured slip. All cups finished inside with clear glaze.

The hand-made nature plus the natural variation of the material creates subtly different unique pieces.

Material: Porcelain.

Size: Approx D85mm x H60mm .

Capacity: Approx 6oz or 174ml.

Dishwasher safe.

The brand name - aeyglom - is a combination of her Thai nickname Aey and the word Glom, meaning circle – the shape and form often reflected in her work. The collection is designed and made in Aey's garden studio at home in West Sussex. Each piece has been handmade in small batches, using an industrial technique called slip casting. This intricate process involves pouring liquid porcelain into plaster moulds to form a layer inside the mould, with time and patience, requiring careful handling and drying to prevent warping during firing. Each piece is cast with layers of both natural and coloured porcelain slip giving clean lines and bold colours. The individual pieces are carefully hand-finished, glazed inside and polished to give a soft tactile feel.