Positano Necklace

Positano Necklace

Pikaya Jewellery
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by Pikaya Jewellery

Contemporary design handmade sterling silver statement necklace. Circles and ovals hand cut from a sterling silver sheet, textured to give striking contrast effect. Rolled through the rolling mill to achieve ellipse shape. And finished with brushed matte finish. Bold in look, light in weight, comfortable around your neck.
In sterling silver, this pendant makes a statement. Light and comfortable. This piece comes with a Sterling Silver Cable Necklet as seen on the picture. (16"/40cm 2mm).

Size: 7 cm wide 2 cm long

Pinar Kaya De Biasio is designing and making handmade contemporary jewellery from her studio in central London.  She has a passion for metal work and simple geometric forms. Her pieces are characterised by clean lines and unique textures. She enjoys observing emotions of people around her and shapes them into jewel.

Pinar is determined to build a conscious brand which she can be proud of and she thinks that in today’s world it is possible to produce jewellery while respecting people and the environment. Pinar is focused on reducing the impact of her activity by producing small batches of jewellery, through the usage of recycled materials and packaging to the extent possible and by cooperating with small family businesses whenever she needs to outsource a service, such as gold plating, which cannot be performed at her studio.    

Pinar is a proud advocate for slow fashion movement and aiming to design and produce timeless, good quality pieces which will stay for generations in the family and become their new modern heirlooms.