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Turquoise Tubes Necklace
Turquoise Tubes Necklace

Turquoise Tubes Necklace

Cristina Zani
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by Cristina Zani

Statement necklace featuring carved wooden 'stones' in turquoise, with oxidised silver, and 18ct gold tubes.

The necklace is 36cm length in total. 

Inspired by Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, Cristina's work is a reflection on the urban environment, it's geometries and unique stories. She is influenced by the contrast between antique and contemporary architecture of South Korea. She approaches the creation of her jewellery in the same way she would compose a story and, like Marco Polo of Invisible Cities, she borrows elements from the city’s landscape to visually describe it and subtly suggest it to the viewer. 

The choice and juxtaposition of materials, shapes and colours echoes its sombre modern buildings intertwined with bright ancient wooden temples and vibrantly painted palaces.