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Collection: Diana Uprichard

Atelier Beside the Sea is excited to announce an exclusive teaching partnership with Diana Upridge and DOLLY Clothing.  Bringing her ever popular ‘kit classes’ to Brighton, you can now learn how to make a complete garment and gain new confidence in your sewing abilities.

Diana Uprichard is the founder of Dolly Clothing. An experienced designer, seamstress and teacher, Diana believes that sewing is nourishment for the soul.

From the Dolly studio in central Lewes, Diana designs and sells her own sustainable cut-out and ready-to-sew clothing kits and ready-made collection. She also runs sewing classes and provides a bespoke alteration service.

A dedicated campaigner for sustainable fashion, Diana leads the Dolly team in awareness-raising campaigns and events. Designed to inform and inspire, Dolly’s events explore why our clothes are costing the earth and what we can each do to be the change.

Diana’s vision for a sustainable fashion future is built on her belief that there’s a wealth of power in a tiny needle and thread.

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