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Collection: Mike Levy

Throughout his career as a maker of pots Mike Levy has concerned  himself with the decoration of the form - particularly decoration with drawing (whether on or in the surface of the pot). His skills lend themselves more to scribbling with pencil, pen and stick than a brush.

He has made collections of pots in all types of clay - from early work in slipped earthenware, (where the drawings are incised through a layer of slip and colour) to more recently porcelain - decorated with pen and cobalt rich ink.

The kiln firing of porcelain pots reveals a new and surprising cobalt blue richness to the previously black and grey pen and wash drawings.

Mike's work has always been predominately tableware, and his shape design has been deliberately simple to better carry the illustrative story-telling of my decoration.

He abandoned the use of preparatory drawings many years ago - preferring to start off with a mark and see where it leads. The drawings of ‘figures in landscape’ evolve during the decoration process, and the resulting relationships are always a surprise. There will never be two pieces with the same design.
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