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Collection: Rachel Gray

Salisbury based Rachel Gray makes pottery for the table; bowls, plates and dishes to serve and eat from. She loves cooking and part of the joy of making and sharing good food is choosing the right bowl or dish to serve it in, the food and the pot complementing each other. Drinking from a handmade cup enhances the ritual of a tea or coffee in the morning.

For Rachel making is an ongoing learning process, throwing pots on the wheel is about creating forms and curves that feel right in her hands as well as to the eye. The texture and brushstrokes of the glaze, the weight of the pot in your hand and the marks of the making process in the finished piece are all a part of the joy of handmade ceramics.

Rachel's pots are thrown on the wheel and then bisque fired before glazing. She mixes her own glazes from raw materials using oxides to colour the glaze. The pots are then fired to 1240°C in an electric kiln.
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