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Sarah Packington designs and hand makes colourful dyed acrylic jewellery in her studio in Brighton. She came here from London to study Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics BA(hons), graduating in 1991. Her shapes are inspired by mid century textile designers such as Lucienne Day and Joanne Groag, and abstract artists like Mondrian and Miro.
She loves their joyful shapes and colour combinations, endeavouring to push the boundaries what can be done with my chosen material, and love to experiment with different textured surface patterns and new ways of joining components. Many of her designs have hand etched lines on clear acrylic which is dyed and polished back to reveal the coloured pattern, using a laser cutter or bandsaw to cut out the shapes from sheet acrylic. All her ear wires are hand made in silver.  All designs are highly finished to give a precious feel. 

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