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Collection: Silvina De Vita

Silvina De Vita is the designer and paper artist behind My Papercut Forest.

She started working with paper in 2012 to combine her illustration skills with digital design skills.

Working with Emergency Exit Arts theatre company, Silvina used to make massive things for events and parades, huge puppets that could be seen from a distance.  In 2016 she had her third child and suffered a severe case of post-natal depression. She credits this as the motivation to produce work in small scale.

“With little time and no space and I could only make something tiny and quickly that gave me the feeling of achievement. This is when I started to make domes with plants coming out of them. Books, greenhouses… it was me recovering, from within.”

Silvina complete an MA in Art History and continues to teach her passion for small scall paper sculpture throughout the UK.

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