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Collection: Snake River Press

Snake River Press was founded in 2006 by Peter Bridgewater, in a conscious move away from mass-market publishing and back to the integrity of thoughtful, well-made books.

With an enduring love of Sussex, Peter lives within sight of a spectacular floodplain where the Cuckmere River snakes into the English Channel. This magical setting was the inspiration for Snake River Press, and you can see the distinctive landscape reflected in the logo.

Snake River Press is known for great editorial mixed with superb design. They commission expert authors to write clear, entertaining and thought-provoking texts, alongside talented artists who create memorable imagery. We then apply exceptionally high production values to every stage of the manufacturing process, from the choice of typefaces to the stylish bindings.

Atelier Beside the Sea has selected titles that will show you parts of Sussex that you haven't seen before, either as a local resident or as a visitor to the area. Our very own Sarah Young has illustrated some of the titles. 

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