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Collection: Tales of the Sea

Prints and Paintings by Sarah Young.
3 -12 September 2021

"These silkscreen prints were originally made for the Ocean Liner ‘Spirit of Discovery’. They were each divided into three, but for my edition we have kept each triptych joined. They are about the stories and amulets that ward against the seas ever-changing power and mysteries. The ambiguous merfolk and selkies, their stories so similar across the world’s seas, more recently have been much sweetened and sanitised. The legendary lands beneath the sea whose tolling bells can be heard by the sailors floating high in sky ships above. And the fishermen and sailors with their multitudes of often contradictory beliefs and superstitions needed for a safe journey and a happy homecoming. The six silkscreen triptychs are made in two different colour ways, most often for night and day. They each have three layers and a final fourth metallic gold or silver layer."

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