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by Linda Unsworth.

Cup with shino glaze.

Size: D10 x H6.5 cm approx.

Originally from Prague, Linda Unsworth now works from her home studio in Pembrokeshire. She is a self-taught potter whose work is inspired by her natural surroundings and often includes materials collected locally which creates a sense of belonging. Linda thinks of making pottery as a form of meditation when hands centre the clay and the clay centres the mind. She throws pots on a momentum wheel, powered only by foot. She likes its tranquility, natural rhythm and the slower speed. For decoration Linda layers slips, creates patterns or carves into the pot surface. Her glazes usually consist of wood ash, clay and stone. She also likes to leave some clay bare to show the warm colours created by the path of flame. Linda fires her pots in a wood fired down draft kiln based on Joe Finch's design. The firing usually takes around 18 hours after an initial pre-warming the night before.

This work is shown at Atelier Beside the Sea as part of the Pots, Prints and Jewellery exhibition.