Droplet Earrings with Silver
Droplet Earrings with Silver

Droplet Earrings with Silver

Catriona R MacKenzie
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by Catriona R MacKenzie

These earrings are inspired by the microscopic life of myxomycetes, handmade glass and silver fixing.

Droplet drop earrings with silver. The drop is 50 mm.

Available in a variety of colours.

Catriona’s designs attempt to convey a strong sense of design and a distinctive style, whilst maintaining a minimal aesthetic. Cat is inspired by mycology, the sanctuary she finds walking in the woods and the textures of the natural materials around her, 

Catriona would describer herself as a maker first - a skilled craftswoman. She likes the process of making, and has spent the last 20 years honing her techniques. Catriona’s work tends to concentrate on clean, feminine shapes with coloured glass applications, while using modern cut glass decoration to add texture.