Fish Screen Printed Paper Garland
Fish Screen Printed Paper Garland

Fish Screen Printed Paper Garland

East End Press
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By East End Press.

Hand printed three metre long paper garland, featuring ten screen printed paper shapes of different fish - Salmon, Trout, Pollock, Mackeral and many more!  The garland is printed on both sides on thick, hand made cotton paper.  The shapes are sewn in a random order along strong cotton thread, with hanging loops either end, meaning you can hang your garland straight away

    • 3 metres long
    • features ten paper shapes, sewn along strong cotton thread
    • screen printed by hand on both sides
    • hand printed by talented artisans in Jaipur
    • please note, every garland is hand printed so may vary slightly from the photograph, this just adds to the charm!
    • All the paper (both in the packaging and the garlands) is recycled, created using pulped scraps from the cotton industry. 

East End Press is a printing and design studio based in the east end of Glasgow. They design colourful decorative objects for your home, and work with crafts people all over the world to create beautiful made objects using traditional crafts and processes. All products sold by East End Press are hand printed, hand painted or hand dyed- skilled human hands made these products individually with craftsmanship and care, and we think that is really special.