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Paul Farrell
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by Paul Farrell

Limited edition giclée print.

Signed and editioned. Unframed.

Size: A4.

The six plant illustrations are weeds taken from The Joy of Weeds is published by Portico which is part of Pavilion. Wild plants have always been of interest to Paul and the inspiration for his new book came from owning an allotment where he found weeds for more appealing to study and illustrate - this led to wanting to find out more about them and so the seeds we’re sown for the book. 

The world of illustrator and designer, Paul Farrell, is filled with shape and colour. Brought up on a diet of 70s pop culture, pattern, stamp collecting, toys shop trips and the graphic arts - his bold, geometric graphic style translates the everyday into simple, colourful and playful imagery. He has close connections with nature which provide much of the inspiration for his work. Paul is also a print maker and brand designer, now self employed based back in his home city of Bristol, England, following a creative career of 20 years in London.

This print is shown at Atelier Beside the Sea as part of the Bloom Exhibition.