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Louisa Vase with Dragonfly and Berries

Louisa Vase with Dragonfly and Berries

JCJ Pottery
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by JCJ Pottery.

Ceramic lustreware Louisa vase.

Dimensions: 10.5 x 13 cm approx.

JCJ Pottery is Jonathan Chiswell Jones and Kerry Bosworth, making and decorating fine pots by hand. Their aim is to produce work which is practical, beautiful, and unmistakably theirs. Lustreware tiles are unsigned whether designed or decorated by Jonathan or Kerry. Lustreware decorated by Jonathan, is signed JCJ and each piece has a number. Number 1 was made in the first lustre firing at Peelings in 2001 and the series has reached over 8,000 by 2021. Records of each pot are kept in the pottery and help to identify some of the variables which went into its making. Where Kerry has designed and decorated a lustre pot, it will be signed KB and numbered in a separate series.