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Scalloped Lustre Bowl

Scalloped Lustre Bowl

Tamar Rose
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by Tamar Rose.

Paper-clay porcelain bowl with intricate shell detail and an incredible pearly lustre glaze. Ceramics fit for a mermaid.

Size: 17.5 x 7 cm.

Tamar Rose is a Sussex based ceramic artist and designer-maker. Tamar’s range of contemporary porcelain is born of a fascination with dramatic forms – their textures, movement, contrasts and silhouettes. She has always felt compelled to create in three dimensions – this has included forays into other mediums such as metal, fabric and willow. Ultimately though, the plasticity and malleability of clay offers the most flexible material in which to realise her visions. She enjoys working in porcelain paper-clay because its translucent, almost ethereal quality lends itself so well to the forms she creates. A combination of hand building techniques are used including rolling, impressing, sprigging and moulding. The work is fired to a high temperature giving it amazing strength, often with a final lustre glaze completing the alchemy.