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by Tamsin Arrowsmith-Brown.

This is a wheel thrown porcelain mug available in two designs.

The Blue Wash design has been decorated by dipping it in an underglaze solution, creating a subtle, watercolour-like wash of colour on the base. It has been finished with a clear glaze.

The Blue Mini Triangle design has been decorated by hand using a blue underglaze and finished with a clear, glossy glaze.

The rim of each mug has been finished with a bevelled edge to ensure a nice fine drinking lip.

There is something really special about a handmade mug. There is perfection in the imperfections that you can’t really explain! These, being porcelain, are also very slightly translucent, so when the sun shines on them, they glow gently.

Size: 8.5 x 7.5 cm.

Tamsin works mostly in porcelain. She is interested in making beautiful functional pieces that people will treasure and use for years. She hand paints her pieces, often with patterns inspired by textiles and embroidery.

This work is shown at Atelier Beside the Sea as part of the Feast exhibition.