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Petal Large Deep Serving Bowl

Petal Large Deep Serving Bowl

Silvia K
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by Silvia K.

This very deep bowl, a masterpiece of craftsmanship that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal. Designed with a flat base and dome-shaped sides, this bowl offers a generous capacity, capable of holding an abundance of delicious food. The inside of the bowl is adorned with a single solid colour glaze, gently stopping short of reaching the rim. This intentional design choice allows the natural terracotta to peek through, lending a touch of organic beauty to the vessel. The outside of the bowl is the same glaze as the inside, enhanced by a glorious scalloped border that adds a touch of playfulness.

The laborious process involved in crafting this statement piece is a test of physical strength and patience. The bowl is slip cast, a technique that ensures its even finesse. With a capacity of approximately 10 liters of liquid clay, the slip casting process demands a careful approach, leaving no room for error. Glazing the deep bowl presents yet another challenge, as the scallops around its rim require multiple layers of pouring to achieve their detailing. It is a delicate process, requiring me to hold my breath, pouring carefully and precisely over the same lines time and time again. The unglazed terracotta exterior is polished to a silky smoothness and sealed with a natural wax.

Size: D32 x H17.5 cm.

Hand wash only, do not soak.

Silvia's collections are a contemporary interpretation of simple historical objects with a strong focus on function and colour. While the origins of her early work can be traced to her Slovakian heritage, ongoing research comes from sources as diverse sources as Spanish pharmacy jars and Iraqi dinner plates.All pieces in her latest range are made by hand in Silvia’s favourite terracotta clay that has been fired to mid temperature to give it a beautiful rich red colour. The iron in the clay finds its way through the grey-blue tin glaze and results in uniquely varying waves of speckles around the edges of the ware.

This work is shown at Atelier Beside the Sea as part of the Feast exhibition.