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Plaintain Coaster
Plaintain Coaster

Plaintain Coaster

Alison Milner
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by Alison Milner.

Coaster tile with an image inspired by Alison's childhood and playing with her sisters in suburban gardens.

Coloured illustrations, fired onto pale cream Johnson tiles (with cork-spots to prevent scratching).

Size of tiles: 9.7 x 9.7 cm.

Alison has been designing her coaster tiles for over ten years. They are mostly organised in interchangeable sets of six images and are sometimes photographic and sometimes illustrational. The images usually evolve as offshoots of her other projects. She works with a printer who prints her images on water-slide decals using ceramic pigments, which Alison then applies to the tiles or brooches and they are fired in a kiln where the image bonds permanently with the glaze